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Requesting a child support modification in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Firm News

When the state of Florida calculates how much you need to pay, or conversely, how much you should receive, in child support, it does so after assessing several factors. Generally, the court system will consider how much money you and your child’s other parent make. Also, it will typically take into account the financial needs of your child regarding basic living, health care and so on.

Over time, you or your ex may find that your financial or familial situations change and that the figure determined when your child support order initially took effect would no longer apply today. Under these circumstances, you or your ex may be able to request a child support modification.

Qualifying for a support order review

To request a review of your existing Florida child support order, several distinct conditions must exist. First, your existing child support arrangement must be set to continue for at least another six months from the date you or your former partner request a review. Second, you need to demonstrate that one of two specific conditions exist. Either your existing child support arrangement has not changed or undergone review for at least three years, or you or your ex need to show that a major change in circumstances occurred that warrants a review of the child support arrangement.

Recognizing major changes in circumstances

If you or your ex wish to move forward with a child support review because of a major change in circumstances, you should know what types of situations may prove significant enough to warrant the review. If your child experiences a serious health issue and becomes disabled, this could potentially warrant a review. Similarly, if you or your ex lose a job and experience a substantial change in income, this may, too, constitute cause for a review.

Changing an existing child support order can take time. In some instances, it can take up to six months, so if you are hoping to change your existing arrangement, it may serve you well not to delay.