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Which city in Florida has the highest divorce rate?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | divorce

Every state has a so-called “divorce capital” where you can find the highest divorce rate. It’s much higher in some states than others, but you can identify that peak everywhere. If you’re wondering what the divorce capital of Florida is, look no further. It is Southgate.

In Southgate, the divorced portion of the population sits at 22.3%. The married population comes in at just 43.8%, while 24.5% of people in the city have never been married at all. In an effort to look at why these divorces happen so often, researchers also found that the median household income for the area is $48,508. They note that this information is important because of the link between financial issues and divorce.

At more than 20%, Southgate is one of the highest cities on the list, but there are those that exceed it. Aspen, Colorado, has a divorced population of 22.9%, for instance, and the rate is 24.1% in Newport, Arkansas. The highest percentage on the entire list was found in New Mexico’s Truth or Consequences, where it was 26.8%. Notably, the median income there is just $27,350.

Of course, divorce happens for far more reasons than just money. Some couples grow apart over time. Others pursue new relationships and decide to end their marriages as a result. Still others decide to get divorced because they simply got married at too young of an age.

No matter why you decide that a divorce is in your future, it is absolutely critical that you take the time to look into all of the legal options you have.