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Strategies for creating a successful joint custody arrangement

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | child custody

Florida parents who have parted ways as a couple may come to an agreement that they will share custody of their children. The kids will spend time with both parents, and the parents can forge a relationship that seems as close to an intact marriage as possible. However, joint custody does not eliminate potential challenges.

Several strategies exist that can help make shared parenting successful. Speaking ill of one another in front of a child can sow the seeds of negativity and damage the relationship. When couples pursue joint custody, some individuals might make the mistake of thinking about themselves. A parent hoping to get what he or she wants above all costs will inevitably be disappointed, and it can harm a child. Parents might have unrealistic expectations because they are fearful about what the future holds. Thinking of the situation in a business sense of doing what is necessary for the good of the child is a wise step.

Parents should think about their children’s ages and needs; their own schedules; how they can navigate their work responsibilities, schooling, and the kids’ extracurricular activities; and how to deal with transporting the children. Equating a bad marriage to bad parenting is often a mistake. Simply because a person was not a good spouse does not automatically suggest that he or she lacks parenting skills.

Parents must communicate about their children’s needs. Email, text messages and phone calls limited to discussing the child can be beneficial. Picking what battles to wage and which to ignore can result in peaceful coexistence. If the child is allowed a certain level of control over activities, what toys to play with and some influence over his or her schedule, it can be positive. Finally, the agreement might need to be tweaked intermittently. Doing so agreeably and with flexibility can spur an improved relationship and successful arrangement. When dealing with joint custody or other family law issues, receiving legal advice from a caring law firm that empathizes, sympathizes and understands parents’ plight can be essential. Calling for a consultation may provide information and assistance.