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How technology has facilitated unfaithfulness in relationships

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | divorce

Technology has made so many tasks that were once a long arduous process into a click of a mouse, pressing the “enter” key or tapping a screen. All are forms of confirmation. One is agreeing to a social contract that something is going to take place after the user has given consent. Often, the user does not receive what they thought they were getting.

This brings to mind another social contract often that often doesn’t deliver or live up to its promises, namely the institution of marriage. Infidelity has long been one of the top contributing factors to American divorces. Technology has facilitated cheating by making various conveniences and temptations accessible 24/7. Infidelity is not only adultery. Being unfaithful is also giving attention, finances, time, and affection outside the relationship.

The role of technology

Technology has provided various methods to add to our current reality, or to take us to a completely different one altogether. Escaping from a relationship into a digital world can lead to separation and divorce.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The hit 2013 film, “Her,” helped to bring awareness of AI to the Americans. AI has spawned companion robots and a variety of “sentient beings” that seem to understand the users’ every want and need. Using technology to meet an emotional need isn’t new, but now it’s more lifelike than ever.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): The world has known about Virtual Reality (VR) for a long time. However, many are not clear what exactly is AR? VR takes one to a completely different reality, while AR simply adds to the user’s real-life experience.
  • Applications: Dating apps and suchlike have made cheating as easy as downloading an app.

The options that technology provides to give time and attention outside of a relationship are endless.

When facing the results of an unfaithful spouse, it can be helpful to reach out for help to ensure that your rights are protected.