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3 times a parent can ask to increase or reduce child support

| Nov 1, 2021 | child support

Child support is one of the more important obligations a parent has to their kids. Florida expects a parent with less than half of the time-sharing responsibilities for their children to provide financial support in many circumstances. 

When might you be able to request a change in the child support amount?

When a parent has a drastic change in income

If the parent paying support loses their job or has a major reduction in income, that might reduce their child support obligation. Good fortune changes are also possible. A parent’s increased income could impact support obligations in some cases. 

When the child’s financial needs change

Sometimes, as children grow older, the end of their time in daycare might trigger a reduction in child support obligations. However, older kids often have extensive support needs, so the money that once went to daycare may just wind up paying for other expenses once the children enter school. 

More frequently, the courts will adjust child support because the needs of the child have increased. If a child suffers a significant injury and requires medical care or full-time nursing assistance, it could also massively impact the necessary expenses to provide for the child. A parent struggling to meet the needs of a child with a medical condition or injury may be in a position to request more support from their co-parent. 

Understanding when child support obligations can change could help you make informed financial decisions.