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When can child support orders be modified in Florida?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | child support

The courts understand that an individual’s financial situation can change, which is why they have made it possible to revise child support orders in line with the reality of either parent. The amount can be adjusted upwards or downwards, depending on the circumstances.

However, any changes must be informed by drastic changes in either parent’s life. Below are the common reasons a court may revise the amount of child custody:

A significant change in the parent’s income

If you lost your initial job and your new employer does not pay you as much, you may ask the court to lower the child support due. In essence, child support is not meant to punish you. The amount should be reasonable and should not stretch you financially such that it is challenging to meet your basic needs.

Changes in the child’s expenses or special needs

Notable changes in the child’s expenses can warrant revising the current child support. For instance, if your child no longer requires round-the-clock care, there is no need to continue paying for such services in child support. 

Changes in the parenting time

If you spend more time with the child, it should reflect in the child support. Remember, child support is meant to be spent on the children, and if the other parent is never with them, child support does not serve its intended purpose. If your parenting time has changed, your support should probably also change.

How do you go about modifying your child support orders?

You have to go through the court to modify the child support orders. Knowing how to navigate your case will help you achieve your end objective and protect your interests.