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Can you ask for more child support if your ex gets a big raise?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Firm News

The rising costs of food and other essentials make it harder than ever to raise and support children in the manner they deserve. In most cases, divorced parents must work together to ensure their kids have all they need.

You probably feel your children should share in your co-parent’s good fortune if they got a hefty raise or a promotion. Perhaps, but there are several factors that courts examine to determine when and if kids should receive more child support.

Increases must be substantial

An extra $0.25 per hour is probably not enough of a raise to justify a child support increase. On the other hand, if the new job or promotion comes with a sizeable bonus, higher wages and other financial benefits, the court would probably agree to look at such a situation to see if a change is warranted.

In Florida, the new income must raise or lower child support payments by at least $50 or 15% to gain court approval for a modification.

Parenting time plays a role

When courts review child support modification petitions, they look at your parenting time plan for deviations. Say that your co-parent’s new work situation allows them extra time with your children, giving you an occasional break. The court may deny your modification request because your ex is parenting the kids more. When the new income causes the noncustodial parent to spend less time parenting the kids, a judge might approve the modification request.

Often, how you present your case to a judge gives them clarity about your circumstances, which can affect their decisions. It’s wise to have sound legal guidance when seeking great child support to help you make a strong case.