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Can permanent alimony be modified in Florida?

Florida governor Rick Scott recently vetoed Senate bill 250, which would have made alimony easier to modify and also resulted in fewer awards of permanent alimony. So where do we stand now?

With the governor's veto, some people may think that permanent alimony will continue to be just that: permanent and unchangeable This is not the case. It is possible to modify or stop alimony payments under current Florida law.

If you are making alimony payments to your ex, you may be able to modify those payments if there has been a change in your circumstances that is unexpected, involuntary and substantial. Examples of a change in circumstance include:

  • Illness or disability
  • Unemployment

You can stop alimony or spousal support payments if:

  • The person receiving alimony remarries
  • The person receiving alimony moves in with another person

It is important to obtain a court order to modify or stop alimony payments. A verbal agreement with your spouse would not be binding. You could end up owing arrearages according to the terms of your alimony order.

If a change in your circumstances has made it necessary to modify or stop alimony payments, you should discuss the issue with an experienced family law attorney. The Law Offices of Tinley Rudd in Sarasota represents men and women in modifications to alimony orders.

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