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Can you file a simplified dissolution of marriage request?

by | Sep 16, 2016 | divorce

If you’re ready to file for divorce, you’ll have to file a petition for simplified dissolution of marriage. This form is used when you both live in Florida and are applying to seek a divorce together. To be able to use this petition, make sure you meet the following qualifications.

First, you have to both agree that your marriage is not able to be saved. Next, females may not be pregnant and no minors or dependent children may be involved in the relationship. If minors are involved, then this is not the right kind of petition, since child custody, support and other issues must be addressed.

Next, it’s important that you’re not seeking alimony if you use this petition. You both should be able to divide your assets yourself and determine who will pay which part of the money owed. If you’re both satisfied with your decision, then you can proceed with the petition.

Finally, you and your spouse must apply for the petition together, either at the same time or separately. There is a final hearing, which is performed in front of a judge. This is when both you and your spouse will need to be present.

If you don’t meet the qualifications, then you’ll need to file for a normal divorce via a petition of the dissolution of marriage. This non-simplified form is used when people have children, can’t decide on property division and more. During either case, you can speak with your attorney to make sure you file all documents in a timely manner. Our website has more information on all the evidence you need to provide to the court.