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Florida ranked low on list of family-friendly states

by | Jan 30, 2017 | divorce

Living in Florida can be a lot of fun; there’s plenty of sun, surf and heat to go around. If you’re looking to raise a family, then there are some negatives as well.

A survey taken by Wallet Hub, a company that does personal finance studies, has indicated that Florida has ranked 12th when it comes to the worst state in which to raise a family. Why does Florida rank so low? It’s well-known for its retirees and high divorce rate, just to name a few factors.

With fewer young families in the area and more retirees, there are fewer children for kids to befriend and play with. Florida was 45th in child care costs, and when it came to affordable housing, it ranked 42nd. It ranked 40th for median family salary when adjusted for the state’s cost of living and ranked 34th for having families below the poverty level. The best score Florida had was in infant mortality, where it ranked 27th.

What about divorces? Florida has the second-highest divorce rate in the country. This could have to do with several factors, from gray divorces for those over 50 and having a large over-50 population to strain from poor employment rates taking its toll on families.

If you’re living in Florida and are feeling the stress of the economy on your marriage, there are options like marriage counseling or mediation that can help you work through those issues. If you do choose divorce, working with a legal professional can help you make the right financial decisions for your future and the future of your children.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Survey: Florida is 12th-worst state to raise a family,” Jan. 18, 2017