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Man accused of kidnapping wife faces loss of parental rights

by | Apr 10, 2017 | family law

When it comes to getting custody of your children, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Negotiating, going through court and working together is in everyone’s best interests. If not, situations like this could threaten one parent’s rights.

A man who has been charged with his wife’s abduction has now been barred from seeing his children, according to news out of Florida. The April 4 report states that the woman does not have custody of her children yet, but she was able to have a domestic violence injunction placed against her removed in court.

Her ex-husband had filed the claim just a month prior to kidnapping her. Additionally to releasing the injunction against her, the judge allowed an injunction against the man that now bars him from seeing their children.

In early April, the man had abducted his wife violently, leading to authorities searching for her for over 54 hours. Now that she has been found, he faces a slew of charges for his actions. He’s currently being held and insists on fighting for sole custody of the couple’s children. Presently, they’re in the care of his parents.

The mother’s attorney points out that the children should not have contact with the man who attempted to kidnap and murder their mother. There had been several previous incidents where the man had held his wife against her will. In the incident prior to her kidnapping, he went to her home and took the children while she was reporting the abuse to the sheriff’s department.

As of the release, the State of Florida has filed a petition to terminate the man’s parental rights.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Man charged with wife’s abduction barred from seeing their kids,” Anastasia Dawson, April 04, 2017