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Here’s what you need to adopt in Florida

by | Jul 27, 2017 | family law

You want to add one more child to your family. You’ve been planning an adoption for some time and want to do it right. You know there are laws in place that dictate how you can adopt and when, and you need more information. Here are a few things to think about.

If you’re planning to adopt, you need to understand the adoption laws in Florida. Whether you plan to adopt within the state or internationally, these adoption laws may apply to your case.

Adoptions can be complex, which is why it’s important to work with someone who is familiar with the adoption laws in Florida. Your attorney can make sure you follow all the laws, so your adoption can go as smoothly as possible.

Florida’s state adoption laws allow for anyone to be adopted. If a person is 12 or older, he or she must give consent to be adopted. In the past, those who were unmarried and homosexual could not adopt. However, in 2010, a state appeals court overruled that rule and stated that the law violated the equal protection rights of parents who happened to be homosexual. Today, homosexual singles, couples and those who are physically disabled or handicapped all reserve the same right to adopt as heterosexual singles or couples.

Prior to finalizing your adoption, you will need to be a resident in Florida for at least 90 days. Once you’re a resident, you can finalize the adoption and prepare to bring home your child. Your attorney can help you finalize the legal documents to do so.

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