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Divorce leads to investigation against husband in forgery case

by | Sep 6, 2018 | divorce

Here’s an interesting story about how a couple’s divorce may affect Floridians. Thousands of people in Florida recognize the yearly holiday traditions that take place at the Hyatt Family Christmas. It takes place in Plantation every year in South Florida.

The tradition, which included 200,000 lights, Santa’s workshop, a Ferris wheel and other spectacles, is coming to an end because of a couple’s divorce feud. According to the news, the divorce has actually led to an investigation into the husband, a sitting councilman in Plantation.

The news reports that the man left his wife abruptly in January, while they still had their light display active at their home. They had a fight over their teen son’s education, but the wife claims she knows of no other reason why her husband left after 27 years. He won the Plantation City Council spot in 2016, which she believes could have been part of the problem.

She only realized after he left that something was wrong; a subpoena stated that their wages were going to be garnished. Her husband had taken out a loan for around $30,000 in 2012, and she claims that it shows she signed it but that she never did. The loan went unpaid, leading to a settlement. She’s alleging forgery. When asked directly if he’d forged her signature, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

All divorces have their own struggles, bur fraud and forgery are particularly negative. If this happens to you, know that you can fight to have any contracts made in your name voided; you shouldn’t be taken advantage of in this way.