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How can you adopt in Florida?

by | Oct 2, 2018 | family law

If you are eager to adopt, then you will want to know more about how adoption works in Florida. There are several different adoption agencies that include private and state agencies. Depending on the route you take toward adoption, you may wait months or years for placement.

If you are looking for the fastest way to adopt, consider fostering a child who may be open to adoption in the future. Typically, this is the fastest way to have a child placed into your home while awaiting a release for adoption. If time is not of the essence or if you have the money to go through a private agency, you have many more options regarding where the child comes from and the age you seek. You may opt to work with a birth parent to adopt after the mother gives birth or opt to adopt internationally. Fostering is the cheapest road to adoption, but it does make it more difficult to adopt a baby, which is the goal of some couples.

What happens when you decide to adopt?

One thing that usually happens is that you have to have a home study. The adoption agency wants to make sure that your family is a good fit for the children you host and that you are prepared to care for a child. Private agencies usually have their own requirements, which you’ll need to discuss with them directly.

Your attorney can help you through this process so you know you’re not being taken advantage of and that you’re doing all you can to adopt through the proper channels.