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Children really do value both parents

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | child custody

Typically, courts these days assume that children should get to see both parents. Even in divorce, both parents should stay involved. That may not mean that child custody gets split up perfectly evenly, but gone are the days when the courts would vastly prefer one parent over the other. They recognize the value in the relationships with both mothers and fathers.

Why is this? It’s what children actually want, and the courts will listen. For instance, when asked what made them happy, many children picked their parents. Sure, they liked hobbies and friends and even school, but it was that relationship with the people who loved them most that brought them true happiness.

“They’re my foundation,” said one high school student. “My mom tells me that even if I do something stupid, she’s still going to love me no matter what. Just knowing that makes me feel very happy and blessed.”

“It’s good news to hear young people being realistic about what really makes them happy,” added a noted psychologist. “Research has shown us that relationships are the single greatest source of happiness.”

When the court is deciding what should happen to the children after a divorce, their happiness is a huge part of it. That’s what they search for when considering the best interests of the child. If it’s relationships with their parents that make them happy, that’s what they need.

As such, it is very important for all parents involved in a divorce or a child custody battle to know exactly what rights they have and how they can protect those relationships.