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Can your ex agree to a parental relocation?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | divorce

After divorce, relocation can get a bit harder if you have kids.

Imagine that you get custody of the children, but your ex gets to have them every other weekend. They also have some visitation rights during the week, even though the kids still live with you.

Then you get a new job offer in another state. You want to move, and you could have before you got divorced or even got married in the first place. Now that you’re divorced, though, you have to abide by that divorce agreement. Your ex needs to be able to see the kids, as is his or her right, and you can’t move if it infringes on that right.

However, the court can grant you permission to move if you ask for it. Typically, something valid like getting a new job that will better your life and your child’s life is a good reason to get special permission.

There is an easier way, though. Your ex can simply agree to allow you to move. This has to be done in writing, and you still need to follow the proper steps, but this speeds the process up if you’re still on good terms, and they’re willing to work with you.

You should note that, if anyone else has a legal right to see the kids — such as a grandparent — then they also have to agree in writing to the relocation.

Following the right steps is absolutely crucial and can have a drastic impact on your future custody rights. Make sure you know what to do.