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Helping children adjust to a new house after divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | child custody

Your spouse files for divorce, and you know right away that you’re going to have to sell the house. There is no way that either one of you can afford it on your own. You’ll need to buy two new homes after you make the split official.

You don’t mind moving, but you do worry about your kids. No matter how the custody arrangement plays out, they’ll have to move. You suspect that you’ll share joint custody, meaning they’ll really need to move into two new homes.

That’s going to be hard on them. They love your house and it’s a big change. What can you do to help them adjust?

  • After you buy the new home, take them to visit before actually moving. Help them get used to the idea over time.
  • Understand that it’s tough for them. They may be mad or sad, especially since the divorce itself may also be hard on them. Expect this and try to be compassionate, understanding and patient.
  • Give them a say in the process. You may want to have them come look at new houses when you’re deciding which one to buy. If not, you can still let them pick out rooms for themselves or make decorative decisions.
  • Focus on them during the move, rather than yourself. You may want to set up the living room and office first, since you use those rooms the most. Instead, help the kids set their own rooms up with their toys, clothes and decorations. This makes them feel important and helps the new house feel as much as possible like their old home.

Moving is just one part of a potentially complicated custody situation. Make sure you know all of your rights as you get things sorted out.