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Unfulfilled expectations can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | divorce

Everyone has expectations when they get married. When the marriage itself does not match up with those expectations, it can lead to divorce — even if the other person isn’t really to blame.

For instance, one man said that after he got divorced, he found out that his wife was “missing something” in her life. Her idea was that getting married would finally make her feel complete and happy. It would give her what she was looking for.

It even seemed like it worked, he said, when they were dating. She appeared happy. But she was always clinging to this idea that marriage would just make the pieces of her life “fall into place.”

For him, one of the hardest parts of the divorce was feeling like he failed her. He was not able to live up to what she was looking for. But, after the fact, he said that he finally realized that only she could complete herself. No one else could do it. She had expectations that did not match up with reality, his “failure” to deliver caused them to split up, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Divorce happens for a lot of reasons. Some of them you can control. Some you cannot. It may simply be inevitable that the relationship is going to end, and you may not be able to save it.

When this happens, you need to consider your future. Make sure you understand all of the legal steps you can take to protect yourself and your future as you end your marriage.