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Can you modify divorce decisions?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | divorce

When you get divorced, the court helps you make several critical decisions, leading to your divorce agreement. These decisions could include things like a child custody schedule, child support payments, alimony payments and the like.

But what if things change after the divorce? Maybe those decisions made plenty of sense at the time, but they just do not now. Can you have the court order altered to better fit your life?

You often can, though experts do warn that it can be difficult. You need to show that such a change is really necessary, and the court will consider whether or not it is in the best interests of the children.

For example, perhaps you traveled a lot for work when you got divorced, so you simply got visitation rights and the kids lived with your ex. In the next few years, you landed a new job. Now you get to stay close to home, and you would like to see the kids more. You want custody rights, not just visitation rights.

Though there are exceptions, the court generally agrees with you that it would be better for the children to see both parents as much as possible, keeping them both involved. You may be able to argue that a child custody modification that gives you more time with them is not just in line with your own desires, but also with their best interests.

Again, this process can be difficult and complicated. Never make changes without getting them approved by the court, and make sure you know how the legal process works.