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Have you thought about nesting after divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | child custody

Divorce comes with a lot of potential options for your child custody situation. Maybe you get sole custody. Maybe your ex does. Maybe you have shared custody, and the children live at both homes at different times. It can get chaotic.

Now, the most common way that parents with shared rights do this is that they move the children back and forth. Maybe your schedule means they live with you for four days, then they go stay with your ex for three days. Then they return to your home.

This type of schedule means the children spend a lot of time in the car, they need to have two of many things so that they can have one at each house, they have to adjust to two different neighborhoods and they may spend a lot of time away from their friends. Is there a better way?

Possibly. One option to think about is just keeping the children in the same house all of the time. As parents, you both move in and out. The schedule determines who lives in the house at the time. Think of it as being on or off duty. This is often called nesting.

This situation does raise some questions for you. Most notably, you both need to decide where to live when you’re not in the house with the kids, and you have to be all right with sharing that space with your ex. Even if you’re not there at the same time, you’re still sharing the home to a large degree.

The important thing is just to consider all of your options to determine what works best for your family.