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Assessing the perception of child custody and the role of gender

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | child custody

There may be preconceived notions about family law in Florida. This is especially true with child custody. People might be under the impression that custody disputes are almost always decided in favor of the mother. This doesn’t have to be the case, and those who want custody should be cognizant of the facts.

Research indicates that, if mothers are granted custody more often, it is not gender-related. There is a significant disparity in the time a mother spends with the child compared to a married father. In these situations, the mother spends around double the time caring for the child. Generally, this is not linked to a stay-at-home mom. Many couples are now dual income, and the mother still spends more time caring for the child. This leads to the idea that the mother has a stronger bond.

For fathers who do not receive custody, only 22% of them see the child more than once each week. The statistics also showed that 29% saw the child between one and four times per month. Fathers without contact with their child were at 27%.

Many custody cases do not even go to trial, and the court does not ultimately decide on custody. Instead, the parents agree to a custody arrangement, and in more than half, the mother is the primary custodian. When parents decided on their own and did not have any assistance, the father gave the mother custody in 83% of instances.

Child custody can be a complex issue with the parents disagreeing on a resolution. No matter the circumstances, the status of the parents’ relationship and the result each parent wants, legal advice may be essential to reach the best results for everyone.