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Tips for thriving in joint custody

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | child custody

There are no two ways around the fact that co-parenting in Florida is not easy. Two people who could not live together must learn to work seamlessly from a distance. However, there are some tips to incorporate to help make for a better joint custody experience.

Communication is one of the keys to success here. Even if there were problems in this area in the past, it is vital to figure it out now. This is where many conflicts begin. One must put the past aside and any lingering hard feelings about what happened during the marriage. Moreover, one should not look at joint custody as a battle to be won with the other parent. Instead, it is about how the two parents can best work together for the good of the kids.

When it comes to selecting a schedule, parents should consider their own and the children’s individualized circumstances. They should not try to commit time that they do not have. Moreover, if the children are old enough, they should give the kids some input and voice into the schedule. Allowing children to be heard is important for their emotional well-being. In the event that circumstances change over the years, parents should have the flexibility to consider changes to the custody agreement to accommodate new situations. All of these steps will benefit the children in the long run.

A child custody attorney could assist their client in constructing a schedule that makes all of this possible. They might also structure the divorce agreement in a way that promotes communication between the spouses. The lawyer may negotiate with the other side to reach the best agreement for the children while keeping their client out of the fray if there is contention between the sides during settlement negotiations.