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The benefits of kinship adoption

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | family law

Removing a child from their home in Florida is never easy, but it might be the only option for their health and safety. Once the child has been taken from their parents, the court has to figure out where they will stay. Sometimes, the child ends up in the foster care system, but research has showed that sending children to live with other family members can be much better for their well-being.

What are the benefits of kinship adoption?

When a child is placed in foster care, they’re sent to live with complete strangers. They have to adjust a new household, deal with new family members and possibly go to a new school. But when they’re adopted by family members, they’ll find it much easier to adjust to these changes. They’ll live with people they know and trust rather than strangers they’ve never met before. They might also be able to stay in the same neighborhood and continue going to the same school.

Relatives are also more likely to permanently adopt children than adults involved in the foster care system. Research has showed that more than 30% of adoptees are adopted by their relatives. Since they already have a pre-existing relationship, their family is much more likely to give them a permanent home.

On a similar note, relatives are also more likely to adopt the child’s siblings along with them. If they’re sent to foster care, they might get separated from their brothers and sisters. Some couples can handle dealing with one or two children but don’t want the challenge of taking in multiple siblings. Family members are much more likely to adopt the entire family since they know the importance of keeping these siblings together.

Overall, kinship adoption can greatly improve a child’s quality of life. If you’re interested in adopting one or more of your relatives, you might wish to talk to an attorney to help you navigate through adoption law.

How might an attorney help you with the adoption process?

An attorney may help you navigate through the process and answer any questions you have along the way. Their help may increase the chances of a successful adoption. If necessary, the attorney might also help you remove the child from an abusive household.