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Common joint custody schedules you may want to try

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | blog, child custody

When Florida couples are awarded joint custody of their children, it can be a big sigh of relief for both parents. However, when it comes to working out the logistics of the joint custody agreement, it’s going to take some work. While each family and their circumstances are going to be different from the next, there are a few commonly used joint custody schedules that may be right for you.

Alternating weeks

Joint child custody can be easily split up by alternating weeks between each parent. Typically starting on a Friday evening, one parent would have custody from that Friday evening through the next Friday evening. Then, the child would go with the other parent from Friday evening through the following Friday evening. You can set your switch date up for whatever day works best for your family. Just remember, weekend days are easier than dealing with switches in the middle of the week due to school.

2-2-3 rotation

If a week may seem like too long of a period to go without spending time with your children, you may want to consider a 2-2-3 rotation schedule instead. Under this custody schedule, one parent has custody for 2 days. The next parent has custody for two days. Then, the initial parent has custody for three days. Then, the schedule for each parent alternates. This essentially allows both parents to enjoy a full three-day weekend with their children every other week.

Figuring out what child custody schedule works best for your family can be a little difficult at first. You may have to try different arrangements until you find one that fits right. The above are two of the most commonly used joint custody arrangement schedules, which are a good place for your family to start.