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Is your marriage headed for divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | divorce

When you and your spouse said “I do,” you believed that you would be together forever. Lately, however, you are not feeling very close to your spouse. In fact, you find yourself avoiding them. Now, you’re thinking about divorce.

Some studies show that 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States. Sometimes, the stresses of everyday life throughout the years have a lot to do with that. Other times, a specific incident can drive a wedge between the two of you that you just cannot overcome.

Signs that point toward divorce

There are usually some signs that indicate a divorce might be a possibility down the road. These include:

  •     Malaise or unhappiness. These feelings may have slowly crept into your marriage and snuck up on you from out of nowhere. Now, you can no longer ignore them.
  •     You avoid your spouse. You used to rush home from work, happy to see your spouse. Now, you stay late at work to avoid spending time with them.
  •     You argue about everything. Communication has broken down between you. Instead, you scream and yell at each other.
  •     You live like roommates instead of a married couple. You sleep in separate rooms and there’s no intimacy between you.
  •     Financial disputes. The two of you can not agree on how to budget your finances and often end up arguing over this.
  •     Unfaithfulness. Though you have tried to forgive your partner’s indiscretions, you just don’t trust them anymore.
  •     Your friends are encouraging you to leave. Those who are closest to you may see red flags that you ignore.

Deciding to get divorced is not easy. However, if you see yourself facing the signs posted above, you should take some time to explore your options.