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Can you trust the decisions you make during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | divorce

It requires making sound decisions to emerge from a Florida divorce with the most favorable outcome for you and your children. You may trust your decisions most times, but the storm of emotion that plagues divorce can interfere with your decision-making skills.

Working to improve these skills with the tips below could benefit you in at least two ways. You could begin making better divorce-related choices and teach yourself to hone (and trust) your instincts.

Flip your viewpoint

Most people do not automatically look at a problem or issue from more than one perspective. Let’s say you and your spouse disagree on a child custody issue. Your first instinct tells you to stand firm with your decision. Instead, try looking at the matter from your kids’ and your co-parent’s perspectives. What you see will either support your instinct or reveal its weaknesses.

Think before acting

Some people seem able to make decisions instantly, but that does not mean their choices are sound. Consider each divorce issue carefully before you decide on or agree to anything. In matters that impact your children, consideration is especially critical.

Seek other opinions

You do not want to trust the word of just anyone, but opinions from credible professionals can guide you safely through the decision-making process. Consider running the decisions you are considering past a therapist to see what they think. You should also seek insight from an experienced legal professional.

Even otherwise sound choices will do you no good if they do not conform to Florida law. When making divorce decisions, make sure you understand the most current state laws addressing property and child-related matters.