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Divorce's tragedy and the loss you feel

It is hard to deal with a divorce. You may not have known your spouse felt so negatively about your marriage, or you may have been committed to making it work out when he or she just didn't want to any longer. Whatever your situation is, the truth remains that it's difficult to deal with and extremely frustrating.

Support is necessary during any divorce

When you get a divorce in Florida, it's called a dissolution of marriage. A dissolution of marriage does not require a fault. That means that you can get a divorce at any time as long as you meet the current requirements within the state. For example, you'll need to show that either you or your spouse have lived as residents in Florida for six months at the time of filing.

Handling divorce: A business decision to handle with grace

Going through a divorce is hard no matter who you are, but for women, it can take extra strength just to get through the process. Many women who turn to their attorneys worry that they won't be financially stable after a divorce. Fortunately, women who take time to work with an attorney and to detail their expenses and assets have a better chance of coming out with a stable financial outlook.

Determining your property is important to your divorce settlement

Before a divorce, you have to determine who owns what property. When you were married, you may not have thought much about who owned what, because everything was shared. Now, it's time to divide those assets, so you can focus on moving on with your life.

Woman suffers attack after saying she wants to get a divorce

When you're going through a divorce, your safety is important. If you decide to get a divorce and fear your spouse may abuse you or become violent, you do have options, like seeking a protective order. That's something you'll want to talk to your attorney about as soon as possible, and even before you decide to let your spouse know you want a divorce, depending on your situation.

Divorce rates are high and stressful in Florida

There is a high rate of divorce in Florida, but why? There are some things that can explain it. For example, the stress of employment and expenses plays a role in families' lives, and that stress can push a marriage over the edge. Americans feel anxiety about the political climate and a fear of violence, too, both of which can cause problems among spouses.

Alimony concerns: The basics of an age-old system

Whether you're looking to gain alimony or may be the one to pay it, it's important that you know the purpose it has. Alimony is designed to help a lower-earning spouse or a spouse who is not working be financially stable following a divorce. It's paid by the higher-earning spouse and is meant to give the other a boost in income until he or she is remarried or can support oneself.

How can you help children with a divorce?

In a divorce, you have many things to think about. If you have children, the main thought on your mind might be how to talk to your children about the impending divorce. How can you explain what's happening, especially if you have children of different ages?

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